Microsoft FarmBeats:
Student Kit for Precision Agriculture

The Microsoft FarmBeats Student Kit is an easy-to-use solution that helps students learn about precision agriculture and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The Microsoft FarmBeats Student Kit includes preconfigured Microsoft Azure cloud services and a Raspberry Pi with soil moisture, light, ambient temperature, and humidity sensors to collect data that can provide insights to help you understand how to improve productivity, increase yield, and save resources.

Learn about the need for Precision Agriculture, Microsoft FarmBeats, and the Student Kit

To keep up with demand, by 2050 the world needs to double food production. To help farmers meet the increasing demands on their farms, they need to optimize their crops and maximize returns while preserving resources like water and soil. Precision agriculture is one practice that helps farmers to observe, measure and respond to variabilities with these goals in mind.

The Microsoft FarmBeats Student Kit is a tool to help enable data driven farming. We believe that data, coupled with the farmer’s knowledge and intuition about their farm, can help increase farm productivity, and help reduce cost.

FarmBeats tracks soil, moisture data 24/7 FarmBeats enables data-driven farming in remote areas through the use of inexpensive monitoring equipment, including cameras, to help increase the food yield of farms.

What's included with the FarmBeats Student Kit

Kit Locations

You can anonymously share your data with the online community by adding region location information to your devices. Microsoft Azure Maps enables the visualization of sensor data by location.

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Learn more about the technology that powers this precision agriculture solution. These technologies are the same that innovators, entrepreneurs and corporations around the world are using to solve some of our biggest problems.